Educational Trips

Harmony Tours organizes educational trips to Budapest for students from secondary schools, linked to various subjects of the school curriculum.

Budapest is an ideal location for your school trip, with its great weather, reasonable prices, and its links with the entire history of the 20th Century. In addition: it is both safe and beautiful.☺

Harmony Tours offers an ‘open-air classroom’ in Budapest incorporating a keen sense of exploration, a thirst for knowledge and experiential learning. Our 5-day General Tour includes many aspects of European culture and history: apart from the main highlights of Budapest, the tour includes activities like hiking and biking, a cultural treasure hunt, Escape Room experience, meeting with Hungarian peer students and some social work experience, and activities suitable for the C.A.S. element of the International Baccalaureate.

Budapest is an ideal destination for field trips. We offer 4-6 day thematised tours that cover History (the Cold War/Communism; Holocaust; Revolutionary Budapest), Visual Arts and Architecture (an array of architectural styles incl. Art Nouveau), Folk Culture, Music (Hungary, home of Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály) and Geography (Budapest caves, thermal baths and unique public transport system).

Visits are always tailored to the needs and requests of teachers and students. Our professional partner is Educational Tours Hungary ( They are a specialist company of teachers offering tours linked to the school curriculum, including the I.B. We offer fully-escorted educational travel itineraries organising everything from airport pick-up to airport drop-off.