Project Description


Hollokő excursion (World heritage)

7 hours | Coach needed

Hollókő is one of the first World Heritage Sites of Hungary! It is the treasure of Palócland (the Palóc are local ethnic people, having lived in the same houses for several generations), and it presents the uniform Palóc style of architecture in an intact form. The most precious part of the village is the central area with 58 protected buildings, which preserves masterpieces of 17th century architecture. Hollókő is a village with local Palóc people who still cherish their traditions and use their richly ornamented traditional costumes.

Members of the Hollókő Women´s Choir dressed in their regional costumes welcome the visitors with brandy and cottage cheese cake or scones at the barnyard at the entrance of the Old-village. While enjoying the home-made culinary delights, you´ll witness an unforgettable performance as the women revive the atmosphere of the age-old spinning houses. The fast-spinning spools accompanied by the women´s singing, the entertaining jests and merriments and the sounds of popping corns are simply unforgettable. The women will also show their beautiful traditional garments (you may try and dress up here too), then the program closes with a folk dance in which the visitors are also welcome to take part. This is followed by a walk in the Old Village with stopovers at the Church, at the Village Museum and at the Weaving House. Along the way the tour guide gets you acquainted with the history and ethnography of Hollókő, explains the facts and legend of the Castle and depicts the present lives of the villagers.

You will enjoy a home hosted lunch in Hollokő. The guests (in groups of 6-8) are accompanied to family houses for lunch, where typical Hungarian dishes await for them. The guests can get acquainted with the life and habits of an average Palóc family.