Dental Trip


ungary is very famous for its brilliant dentists and for the fact that travelling and sojourn costs including the dental treatment costs represent a lower amount than the costs that the incoming patients would pay in their home country.

There exist already incoming trips connected with dentistry treatment but the novelties of the Harmony Tours programmes are the followings:

  • The clinic where the dentists recommended by us make the implantations with a method developed in the USA and improved in Hungary; the implants are inserted into the gums through a small  gap of 4mm! No operation, no suture removal. Its the technic of the 21st century. The patient receives from the specialist in Budapest a „ dentistry passport” on a pen drive or on a disk that contains all the phases of the treatment and the patient can visit any dentist at home or anywhere else be it only for a whitening or for a 6 months control. Based on the „dentistry passport”, the specialist can  work like after a consultation with the Hungarian dentist.
  • We offer complex, all-round  service! That means that we offer the „Dental” part at the above mentioned dentistry clinic in Budapest, equipped with the modern technic, the „Trip” part is Harmony Tours’ business, we are „holding the hand” of the guest from the arrival until his departure.

Our „guardian angel” colleague (hostess) awaits him at the airport and accompanies the guest to the hotel. The next day she goes with him to the dentistry and escorts him back to the hotel.

In the morning hours of the third day we take the guest (guests) for a private city sight seeing tour and 2 days prior the departure we accompaign them to a control examination into the clinic. Based on a preliminary checking with the spescialists the optimal schedule of the trip is 10-12 days, considering an implantation of 2 – maximally 6 teeth.

With this schedule, the guest has to go to the clinic on the 2nd and or on the 8th or 9th day, but between the two visits the guest can make excursions, visit a thermal bath or we can escort him also to a trip to Vienna or Bratislava.

The course of the travel is as follows: The guest /the travel agent contacts the dentist. He will ask for a panoramic X-ray  and an anamnesis  sheet about the other diseases and the medicaments the patient is taking and they agree on the travelling date. The clinic is scheduling the treatments requested by the patient. The guest /the travel agent is booking the flight and Harmony Tours offers a travel package for the land service from arrival until departure.

Our basic price includes a centrally loacted 4 -5 stars hotel in Budapest with single our double room, with breakfast buffet, airport tranfers, transfers to the clinic and additionally a half-day private  city sight-seeing tour.

Our offer contains – like an á la carte menu – different excursions:

  • half day excursion to Szentendre
  • full day excursion to the Danube bend
  • full day excursion to the Gödöllő Palace, Lázár Equestrian Farm, horse show and lunch
  • half day thermal bath visit in Budapest with massage
  • 1 or 2 days excursion to Vienna
  • 1 day excursion to Bratislava
  • half day or full days Jewish Heritage Budapest tour
  • full day excursion to Herend and Lake Balaton
  • 1 week post-tour in Hungary or in the neighbouring countries

What we offer is a complex package, very attentive preliminary  survey, careful working out of the details and personalized in each case. The guest can feel himself  always safe, we are holding his hand, he gets  a phone  number that he can call day and night, we are at his disposal in English and at arrival he gets a Hungarian cell phone and phone card, just in case he would need it.

This trips are basically FIT trips, for individual guests.

In case there are at the same time 6 guests staying in the hotel, we offer between 9.00 a.m. and  19.00 p.m a hospitality desk in the hotel lobby.