Hi There, Dear Traveler! Welcome to Budapest…! Thank you for your interest in our region. Yes, we know, right now you are not able to visit Hungary, however, we are absolutely sure, it will change in the near future!

We created an interactive platform which can help planning your European  trip. It is complimentary for you. Check our guideline designed for you.

#1 News and developing stories can be confusing about constant changes of Covid19-effected touristic areas. We assume you have interest in Budapest, Hungary and Central Europe. We, as local experts are the reliable sources for you.

#2 Why? Because we are here and we do constant monitoring of the situation through out our wide network in the region.

#3 So, how will you get complimentary assistance from us? Just feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We are here for you with our multilingual Team and 20+ year of experience in the business.

#4 We can create individual or group packages, we help you with luxurious insight places or budget-sensitive activities, itineraries for a day-trip, honey-moon trip or a week-long excursion. Exclusive incentive programs, sport-related tourism or sport team travels are also part of our growing portfolio.

Start to create your European journey and be open for a new challenges — with Harmony Tours you will get information all based on reliable facts and realistic planning.

Feel free and take our complimentary offer and see you soon in Budapest!

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